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Roseco Visual Identity

New visual identity for Roseco second hand grader and wholesaler

Services Provided

  • New Visual Identity
  • Website development
  • UX / UI

Today, the fight against climate change is inevitable: environmental awareness is playing an increasingly important role not only in the lives of consumers but also of economic operators. One of the biggest industries responsible for climate change is the textile industry, and in particular clothing. Designed for fast fashion, short lifespan and wear period, both the production and disposal of the clothing items releases a lot of carbon dioxide, so it’s no wonder that fashion business is under great pressure to redefine itself. An important contribution to this process is the second-hand clothing: extending the life of garments can help reduce the amount of waste generated by the textile industry, thus Roseco and customers contributing to reduce the carbon dioxide emission.
It is from this concept that we have created a new visual identity for Roseco: we have replaced the arrows of the well known recycling sign with clothes, pointing the need for an important concept change in the redefinition of both producing and buying garments.

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